Phoenix Arts Leicester
Sunday 9th October 2005

Phoenix Arts Leicester

Witness 84 in collaboration with Phoenix Arts Leicester brings to you a collection of films to mark the 21 st Anniversary of the Anti – Sikh Pogroms in India .

Sunday, October 09, 2005  at  2.30pm


Dir: Safina Uberoi Australia 2002, 52mins, English language, 12A

PRICE : £4.90


What begins as a humorous portrait of a mixed marriage between a scholarly Sikh husband and his red-headed Australian-born wife unfolds into a complex commentary on the social, political, and religious events of the anti-Sikh massacres of 1984 which tore the family apart. A powerful story of love, hate, exile and belonging, loss of identity and return to faith.

“A fascinating insight into Indian culture” Urban Cine File

Sunday, October 09, 2005 at 4pm

  Final Solution

Dir: Rakesh Sharma India 2003, 3hrs 28mins with interval, subtitled (Gujurati/Hindi), 15

PRICE : £4.90


Final Solution is a study of the politics of hate. Set in Gujarat during the period Feb/March 2002 to July 2003, the film graphically documents the changing face of right-wing Indian politics through a study of the 2002 massacre of Muslims in Gujarat . It specifically examines the ideological tendencies reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 1930s and holds the deeply serious view that “those who forget history are bound to relive it”.

Winner of awards at the 2005 Bangkok Film Festival and 2004 Berlin Film Festival.

Sunday, October 09, 2005  at  8.30pm


Dir: Shashi Kumar India 2004, 1hr 47mins, subtitled (Hindi), 15

PRICE : £4.90

With: Angad Bedy, Seema Biswas

Kaya Taran (Chrisalis) is a fiction film adapted from a Malayalam short-story that straddles two traumatic events in modern India 's past: the 1984 carnage that killed many Sikh's following the assassination of Indira Gandhi and the anti-Muslim riots of 2002. Preet is a Hindu journalist who interviews a nun, Sister Agatha, who had sheltered a Sikh boy and his mother during the earlier horrors and unfolds the story of their fate, mapping out as she does the dilemma of identity in a supposedly multicultural society.

A deeply affecting work that won the prestigious Kerala Award in 2004.

Nanavati Commission 2005
Latest News Reports from Press and TV :

Nanavati let off all police officers from worst massacre site
Indian Express- 21 Aug 05

1984 Riots: Don’t Shield the Killers
Navhind Times - 18 Aug 05

Tytler, Sajjan threaten Sonia with 'exposure'
News Insight- 17 Aug 05

India: Victims of anti-Sikh riots face further delays
Amnesty International - 16 Aug 05

72 hours, 21 years
Indian Express - 13 Aug 05

Justice delayed, justice denied
BBC News- 11 Aug 05

Mother of all cover-ups
Asian Age - 10 Aug 05

Decision on '84 Riots Anger Indian Sikhs
Guardian - 10 Aug 05

'Sikh men, boys were burnt or beaten to death'
Sify - 10 Aug 05

I wish we had died in '84
Express India - 10 Aug 05

The bigger tragedy
Indian Express- 10 Aug 05

Report on '84 riots damned
SikhSangat - 09 Aug 05

Nanavati pins Tytler for '84 riots
Tribune India - 09 Aug 05

In Punjab, ATR opens old wounds
Indian Express - 09 Aug 05

2,700 dead, and still no killers convicted
Times of India- 09 Aug 05

Akal Takht rejects report
SikhSangat - 09 Aug 05

Govt fooling people on Nanavati report: lawyer
Rediff - 09 Aug 05

Anti-Sikh riot report kicks up storm in India
Reuters - 09 Aug 05

Nightmare for Sikh families continues
NDTV - 09 Aug 05

Police fiddled while Delhi burnt
Times of India - 09 Aug 05

India riot inquiry sparks protest
BBC News- 09 Aug 05

Tytler rules out resignation
Mid Day - 09 Aug 05

'Credible' evidence against Tytler: complicity, tampering evidence
Newindpress- 09 Aug 05

Cong buries the Sikh massacre again
India Express- 08 Aug 05

Wave of anger sweeps Sikh areas
Newindpress- 08 Aug 05

Government disappointed us, say Sikhs
WebIndia - 08 Aug 05

Hundreds of Sikhs protest against 1984 anti-Sikh riots
New Kerela - 08 Aug 05

Leaders 'incited' anti-Sikh riots
BBC News - 08 Aug 05

Anti Sikh riots inquiry suspects Indian minister
Reuters - 08 Aug 05

'Nanavati report belied victims' hopes'
Mid Day- 08 Aug 05

Trauma of '84 riots refuses to go away
Times of India - 08 Aug 05

1984 riots could'nt have occurred without local leaders: Nanavati
New Kerela- 08 Aug 05

'84 riot victims condemn Nanavati report
Outlook India - 08 Aug 05

Nanavati report finds credible evidence against Tytler, Sajjan
Rediff - 08 Aug 05

After 21 years, anti-Sikh riots haunt government
New Kerela - 08 Aug 05

Victims of '84 riots await justice
NDTV - 08 Aug 05


Nanavati Commission 2005 News Archive

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Witness84 is continuing to develop a number of arts related projects in 2005, some are in early stages, and some will be announced shortly.

Our main projects in development are :

Films about Sikhs : A yearlong screenings of films were made to highlight the issues relating to the Sikh struggle. Films from the BBC to Independent filmmakers were shown all over the country and internationally.

Theatre : Development work is continuing for a stage piece that will Relate to the stories and accounts of eyewitnesses during the storming Of the Golden Temple, the Delhi anti- Sikh riots and subsequent atrocities against the Sikhs by the Indian state.  

Visual Arts : Asian artists have been commissioned for a unique visual Arts show about the 1984 experience. A gallery will be announced very shortly

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